Lickable Cities is an international academic research community that explores the flavour(s) of urban environments. Lickable Cities has been unofficially running since at least 1994, when Chief Eggnographer Vanessa Thomas first started licking things in the street. Her parents had ‘strongly advised’ her not to lick something, which obviously meant she had to lick it. Vanessa’s adventures in gustatory exploration continued throughout secondary school, in part thanks to the dare-based game “Lick it!”. Lickable Cities became an official research endeavour in early 2014, after Vanessa was dared to lick a royal carpet at Lancaster University. After that royal occasion, Chief Catnographer, Ding Wang, and Chief Gustographer, Manu J. Brueggemann joined the project and began formalising this sweet collective.

Lickable Cities encourages people of all stripes (and especially those with peppermint stripes) to undertake gustatory investigations of cities. We encourage the use of non-methodological, non-theoretical and impractical interventions to conduct such investigations for this non-emerging research domain.

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Licking your screen is not advised.