Hello Internet(s)!!

We are delighted to announce that our first peer-reviewed paper is published and openly accessible! Yay for such tasty SCIENCE being open for everyone! GO READ IT. Or print it and lick it. Or, you know, whatever! Do what you like! We’re not the bosses of you.

In case you missed it, we’ve RT’d a few photos from the multi-sensory presentation that we gave at CHI’18, too (although none of the pictures seem to adequately capture just how many academics were in the room AND licking things! from the stage, it looked like way more than the sparsely filled front rows suggest!). We still don’t know who at CHI’18 drew the scene in this post’s featured photo… a beaver-tailed (or hairy tongue’d?) Lickable Cities-branded CRT licking an alligator!? WHOEVER YOU ARE, WE LOVE YOU!!

Anyway, THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who was involved with reviewing our paper and/or who attended our presentation. And EXTRA THANKS to those of you who licked something during (or after!) our presentation! What a delightful way to begin sharing our work in a peer-reviewed setting and format.

Although most of our members are (happily!) no longer directly employed in academia, we have more gustatory research projects afoot and unfolding. We intend to continue irregularly publishing about our work and findings. And we intend to continue compassionately questioning narrowly designed sensory experiences, technologies, infrastructures, and interfaces.




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